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1601 West 38th Street suite 11, Austin, TX 78731, USA


Florals are more than just blooms, leaves, and twigs; they possess the power to transcend ordinary spaces and create an enchanting ambiance. It's not merely about choosing colors and flower types; it's about the art of floral design.

Crafting a truly mesmerizing floral setup entails more than just arranging flowers; it involves blending them seamlessly with other décor elements to craft a picturesque backdrop or a stunning centerpiece. This artistry is not achieved through haphazard design; it demands the expertise of an experienced floral designer.

Enter Verbena Floral Design, an esteemed event florist based in the vibrant state of Texas. With years of rich experience in the industry, they possess the artistry and finesse needed to elevate your event beyond the floral elements.

Services Offered:

Custom Floral Arrangements:

Verbena Floral Design specializes in creating tailor-made floral arrangements that suit your event theme, color palette, and style. From elegant and classic to modern and vibrant, their designs are a perfect fit for various event aesthetics.

Event Centerpieces:

Elevate your event with striking floral centerpieces crafted by Verbena Floral Design. These meticulously arranged floral focal points add grace and allure to your event tables, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Floral Backdrops:

Transform your event space into a visual delight with exquisite floral backdrops. Verbena Floral Design expertly integrates flowers and other décor elements to create captivating and picturesque settings that leave a lasting impression.

Floral Consultation and Planning:

Verbena Floral Design offers comprehensive consultations to understand your vision and preferences. They work closely with you to plan and design the floral aspects of your event, ensuring a cohesive and stunning look.


Verbena Floral Design is based in the lively state of Texas, where creativity and nature merge seamlessly, providing the perfect setting to design and craft floral masterpieces for your event.

Ready to elevate your event with exquisite floral designs? Contact Verbena Floral Design and let the floral magic blossom.

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