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Chicago, IL, USA


WarPaint International stands tall as the premier beauty-on-demand agency. Renowned for delivering unparalleled makeup and hairstyling services, this agency redefines the standards of beauty not only in Illinois but in the US. Their name echoes through the industry, representing not just a service but an experience that transforms every face into a canvas of elegance.

WarPaint International (WPI) operates at the intersection of artistry and convenience. As an onsite beauty agency, they bring the expertise of vetted, experienced, and criminally background-checked Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists directly to you. Whether it's a bridal affair, a celebrity photo shoot, a corporate event, a personal makeover, or an editorial project, WPI's professionals are at the forefront of beauty innovation.

WPI is not confined to a single locale; it thrives in three vibrant cities across the U.S. Currently, they proudly serve the beauty needs of individuals and events in Minneapolis, Jacksonville, and Chicago. Each city becomes a backdrop to WPI's artistic expressions, ensuring that beauty knows no bounds.

Services Offered by WarPaint International

Onsite Beauty

WarPaint International brings the beauty studio to your doorstep. Their onsite beauty services ensure that you can indulge in the luxury of professional makeup and hairstyling without leaving the comfort of your chosen location. It's beauty redefined, personalized, and delivered to you.

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

For the most important day of your life, trust WarPaint International to make you radiate with beauty. Their Wedding Day Hair and Makeup services are designed to enhance your natural charm and create a look that complements the magic of your special day.

Engagement Hair and Makeup

The journey to "I do" begins with the engagement, and WarPaint International ensures that every pre-wedding celebration is marked by your radiant beauty. Their Engagement Hair and Makeup services set the tone for the festivities to come.

Corporate Beauty Agency

In the corporate world, where first impressions matter, WarPaint International is your ally in cultivating a professional and polished image. Their Corporate Beauty Agency services are tailored to enhance your team's confidence and leave a lasting impact.

Male Grooming

Beauty knows no gender, and WPI acknowledges the grooming needs of every individual. Their Male Grooming services bring forth the expertise needed to refine, enhance, and highlight the natural features of their male clientele.

WarPaint International Beauty Agency is not just a service provider; it's a curator of beauty experiences. With a commitment to excellence and a presence in multiple U.S. cities, WPI stands as the epitome of onsite beauty services. Experience the pinnacle of beauty innovation with the top makeup artist and hairstylist in the US, and let WarPaint International redefine the way you perceive and embrace beauty.

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