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13110 Claxton Drive Laurel, MD, 20708


5iveStar Media Production is a well-established video production company renowned for its expertise in capturing the magic of weddings, the significance of bar/bat mitzvahs, and the excitement of special events. Founded and owned by Steve Young, the company has grown to become a trusted name in the industry.Based in Maryland, District of columbia. With a team of talented videographers and editors, as well as a range of services tailored to meet diverse client needs, 5iveStar Media Production is dedicated to preserving cherished memories for a lifetime.

Meet Steve Young: President and Owner

Steve Young, a visionary in the world of video production, is the driving force behind 5iveStar Media Production. With a deep passion for cinematography and a keen eye for detail, Steve has transformed his love for visual storytelling into a thriving business. His leadership and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the company's success.

Steve's journey in the industry began as a young filmmaker, honing his skills and craftsmanship over the years. He has an innate ability to capture the essence of each event, ensuring that every moment is beautifully documented. His dedication to delivering top-notch quality and personalized service sets 5iveStar Media Production apart in an ever-evolving market.

A Dedicated Team of Professionals

5iveStar Media Production boasts a team of five skilled videographers and three proficient editors who share Steve's passion for videography. Each member of the team is carefully selected for their talent, creativity, and commitment to delivering outstanding results. Their collective expertise ensures that every project, whether it's a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or special event, is captured with precision and artistry.

Services Tailored to Perfection

5iveStar Media Production offers a comprehensive array of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients:

Multiple Videographers: The team employs multiple videographers to capture every angle and emotion, ensuring that no moment is missed.

Edited Footage in Multiple Formats:
Clients can choose to have their edited footage stored on Blu-Ray, DVD, USB, or SD cards, making it convenient to relive their special moments.

Online Viewing Gallery: 5iveStar provides an online viewing gallery, allowing clients to easily share their videos with friends and family.

Raw Footage: For those who wish to have unedited footage, the company offers raw footage options.

Liability Insurance: Clients can have peace of mind knowing that 5iveStar Media Production carries liability insurance, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Multiple Locations: The company operates from two offices, one in Laurel, Maryland, and another in Pasadena, Maryland, to serve clients across the region efficiently.

Edited Slideshows:
In addition to video services, 5iveStar can create beautifully edited slideshows that capture the essence of the event.

5iveStar Media Production has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to excellence, artistic storytelling, and attention to detail. Under the visionary leadership of Steve Young, the company continues to thrive in the competitive world of video production, offering clients the opportunity to relive their special moments for generations to come. With a dedicated team and a wide range of services, 5iveStar Media Production is the go-to choice for those seeking to preserve the magic of life's most significant events through the lens of professional videography.

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