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Louisville Louisville, KY, 40299


White Owl Weddings is an accomplished team of wedding videographers based in the vibrant city of Louisville, Kentucky. With a calm and spirited approach, they have beautifully documented more than 150 weddings, etching love stories onto the canvas of time. Their commitment to preserving precious moments and crafting cinematic narratives sets them apart in the world of wedding videography.

Meet the Owner and Lead Event Videographer

At the helm of White Owl Weddings is Kristiana Zack, the creative visionary behind this passionate team. With a deep love for storytelling through the lens, Kristiana brings a unique blend of expertise, artistry, and dedication to each project. Her keen eye for detail and innate ability to capture emotions make her the driving force behind the company's success. With Kristiana's leadership, White Owl Weddings consistently delivers exceptional wedding films that resonate with couples and their loved ones.

Services Offered

White Owl Weddings offers a range of comprehensive videography services designed to cater to every couple's unique vision:

Full Feature Video: White Owl Weddings excels in crafting full feature videos that provide an immersive and detailed chronicle of your special day. These videos capture not just the highlights but the entire journey, ensuring that no moment is forgotten.

Highlight Video: Every love story deserves to shine, and White Owl Weddings' highlight videos do just that. These 3-5 minute masterpieces distill the essence of your wedding day, encapsulating the magic, emotions, and joy in a cinematic package.

Multi-Camera Setup: To ensure every angle and moment is perfectly captured, White Owl Weddings employs a multi-camera setup. This professional approach guarantees that no detail is overlooked, from the vows exchanged to the smiles shared.

Multi-Locations: Whether your wedding spans multiple locations or is held at a single venue, White Owl Weddings is equipped to capture it all. Their flexibility and adaptability ensure that your unique wedding journey is documented seamlessly.

Raw Footage: For those who wish to revisit unfiltered moments, White Owl Weddings offers raw footage. This unedited treasure trove includes all the candid laughter, heartfelt exchanges, and spontaneous dance moves, allowing couples to relive their day as it happened.

White Owl Weddings, led by the talented Kristiana Zack, is more than just a wedding videography team; they are storytellers, weaving emotions, and memories into every frame they capture. With a commitment to authenticity and a dedication to excellence, White Owl Weddings' services go beyond mere documentation; they create timeless works of art that couples and their families will treasure for generations to come. From full feature videos to captivating highlights, they ensure that your love story is beautifully etched in time.

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