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Newark, Delaware Newark, DE, 19711


Creations By Valarie, located in the picturesque city of Newark, Delaware, is a renowned wedding and event floral designer that beautifully combines creativity and botanical expertise. With a reputation for crafting captivating floral masterpieces, Creations By Valarie is the preferred choice of couples looking to bring their wedding visions to life through the art of floral design.

The talented team at Creations By Valarie is dedicated to making your special day truly memorable. They work closely with each couple to understand their unique style, preferences, and vision for their wedding or event. Whether you desire a romantic, classic, modern, or whimsical floral theme, Creations By Valarie has the skills and experience to create stunning arrangements that exceed your expectations.

From breathtaking bridal bouquets and elegant centerpieces to enchanting ceremony decor and striking floral installations, Creations By Valarie offers a wide range of floral design services to suit your needs. With an eye for detail and a passion for bringing beauty to life through flowers, they ensure that every element of your event is adorned with the finest blooms and greenery.

About the Owner: Valarie's Passion and Expertise

At the heart of Creations By Valarie is Valarie herself, a passionate and skilled florist with an innate ability to infuse life and emotion into her floral creations. With a deep appreciation for the language of flowers and a wealth of experience in the art of floral design, Valarie's journey in the world of weddings began with her profound love for aesthetics and nature's beauty.

Valarie's journey as a wedding florist started as a humble endeavor, driven by her desire to bring joy to others through her art. Her dedication to understanding her clients' aspirations, combined with her exceptional talent in translating these dreams into enchanting floral arrangements, has solidified her reputation as a trusted name in the industry

Services Offered: Elevating Every Aspect of Your Wedding

Creations by Valarie offers a comprehensive suite of services, each carefully curated to ensure that every floral detail aligns seamlessly with the couple's vision:

Valarie believes that every wedding story is unique, and so are the floral designs that accompany them. Personalized consultations allow her to delve into the couple's preferences, colors, themes, and aspirations, laying the foundation for designs that truly reflect their love story.

Event Design:
Valarie's expertise in event design goes beyond floral arrangements. She envisions the entire atmosphere, curating an immersive experience where flowers become an integral part of the narrative. From centerpieces to arches, every element is thoughtfully orchestrated.

Venue Visit:
Recognizing the significance of venue dynamics, Valarie conducts thorough venue visits. This enables her to harmonize the floral compositions with the architectural nuances of the location, creating a harmonious blend of nature and structure.

Delivery and Set Up:
Creations By Valarie extends a stress-free experience by handling delivery and on-site set up. Every arrangement is meticulously transported and placed, ensuring that the final display aligns with the couple's vision.

Clean Up:
The post-celebration phase is as important as the event itself. Valarie's team takes care of the clean-up, ensuring that the couple and their guests can relish the memories without the worry of dismantling floral arrangements.

Creations By Valarie, based in Newark, Delaware, is not just a florist; it's an embodiment of Valarie's passion for floral artistry and the celebration of love. Valarie's commitment to understanding her clients, combined with her expert craftsmanship, transforms wedding dreams into reality, infusing every event with elegance, beauty, and enchantment. With an array of services designed to enhance every facet of the wedding experience, Creations By Valarie ensures that every petal, every stem, and every arrangement contribute to the creation of unforgettable memories.

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