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New York, NY 10024, USA


Whitney Events, a leading full-service wedding planner based in New York City, caters to clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and beyond. With a team of two highly experienced planners who also possess culinary arts expertise, Whitney Events is well-equipped to create unforgettable weddings and events.

Owner Christina Whitney and senior event planner Jennifer Roche excel at transforming their clients' visions into reality. They understand the importance of personalization and work closely with couples to create truly unforgettable weddings. Christina brings a keen sense of budgeting, logistics, and creative vision to every project, ensuring a harmonious and stress-free planning experience.

Services Offered:

  • Full-Service Planning: Whitney Events offers comprehensive full-service planning packages, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is meticulously taken care of. From initial consultations to final execution, their team will be by your side, assisting with vendor selection, budgeting, design and décor, timeline management, and more.
  • Wedding Management: For those who prefer a more hands-on approach but still need professional guidance, Whitney Events provides wedding management packages. They step in closer to your wedding date, helping to finalize details, coordinate with vendors, and ensure a seamless execution on the day of your event.

As an added bonus, Jennifer, who is also a professional pastry chef, can craft delectable wedding cakes and desserts, completing the overall experience with her culinary expertise.

Experience Planning the Following Events:

  • Civil Weddings: Whitney Events has ample experience in planning civil weddings, ensuring all legal requirements are met and overseeing the smooth running of the ceremony and reception.
  • Cultural Weddings: With a deep appreciation for diverse traditions and customs, Whitney Events specializes in planning cultural weddings, incorporating unique elements that reflect the couple's heritage and traditions.
  • Destination Weddings: Planning a destination wedding can be daunting, but Whitney Events has the expertise to handle all the logistics and coordination involved, ensuring a seamless experience for couples and their guests.
  • Double Weddings: Double weddings require meticulous coordination and attention to detail. Whitney Events has successfully planned and executed double weddings, ensuring that each couple's vision is honored and the celebration is flawlessly executed.
  • Elopements: For couples seeking an intimate and private wedding experience, Whitney Events offers elopement planning services, taking care of all the necessary arrangements to make your elopement truly memorable.
  • Eco-Friendly Weddings: With a commitment to sustainability, Whitney Events can help couples create eco-friendly weddings by incorporating environmentally conscious practices and choices into every aspect of the event.
  • Military Weddings: Whitney Events understands the unique needs and challenges faced by military couples. They are experienced in planning military weddings, paying close attention to military protocols and ensuring a smooth and meaningful celebration.
  • Non-Religious Weddings: For couples with a non-religious or secular orientation, Whitney Events can create a personalized wedding ceremony and reception that reflects their values and beliefs.
  • Religious Weddings: Whitney Events has experience planning religious weddings of various faiths. They respect and understand the cultural and religious traditions associated with different ceremonies, ensuring a meaningful and respectful celebration.

Choose Whitney Events for a wedding planning experience that combines expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. With their range of services and extensive event industry experience, they will guide you through every step of the planning process, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable wedding day. Contact Whitney Events today to start turning your dream wedding into a reality.

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