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New York, NY, USA


Winstead Catering & Events is a distinguished event caterer nestled in the heart of New York. It is a harmonious fusion of traditional Southern hospitality and modern culinary excellence. Founded by Key Winstead, a true advocate of farm-to-table cooking, the company's journey is rooted in the cherished traditions of Key's family farm in Roxboro, North Carolina. With a legacy of hosting gatherings that span back to the early 1800s, Key's upbringing by his grandmother, Nannie, instilled the values of warm hospitality and the joy of farm-fresh cuisine.

Services That Define Excellence

An Authentic Heritage: Winstead Catering & Events carries the essence of its heritage, embracing farm-to-table cooking and Southern warmth. Every event is steeped in the rich tradition of hosting gatherings, embodying a genuine spirit of hospitality that runs deep within Key's upbringing.

Culinary Craftsmanship: Key's culinary journey took shape at Johnson & Wales University, culminating in years of experience as a private chef for esteemed families across the U.S. He brings over 25 years of expertise from the New York City culinary industry, infusing each dish with a unique blend of modern flavors and timeless techniques.

Specialized School Division - A Grade Above: Winstead Catering's school division, A Grade Above, pioneers a farm-to-table catering movement in New York City's independent grade schools. Nurturing children's palates with organic, appealing dishes, this division reflects Winstead's commitment to nourishing both hearts and appetites.

Full-Service Catering Expertise: From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, Winstead Catering & Events boasts a comprehensive range of services. The team's expertise in event planning, culinary artistry, and seamless execution ensures every event is a masterpiece.

Winstead Catering & Events is not just a catering service; it's an embodiment of heritage, culinary innovation, and heartfelt hospitality. Contact them to infuse your event with a blend of Southern charm and contemporary flavors. Experience the transformative power of cuisine and ambiance that evokes memories of cherished family gatherings.

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